Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Notices to patients and families

  • Guttmann Brain Health Institute

    The activity and services of the Clinic located in Guttmann Barcelona continue without modifications.

  • External consultations

    All inquiries and visits that can be made by videoconference will be made in this format, minimizing face-to-face consultations. For medical visits, patients are asked to come alone unless they need the support or help of a third party.

  • Visits restriction

    Visits to the hospital will be limited to a single companion for each admitted patient. This companion must always be the same, without the possibility of relays. It is also requested to restrict the mobility of the hospital as much as possible to the room and outdoor areas.

  • Lunch regulations and Coffee Shop service at the Hospital

    The dinning room on the -1 floor will be available for patients and relatives. No external catering services or home delivery companies are allowed in the hospital.

Preventive measures


Use of mask

The use of a mask is mandatory all the time. The use of cloth masks is not allowed, surgical mask or FFP2 must be used. If you do not bring it, we will provide you with one.


Temperature control

Upon arrival, we will take your temperature and a control will be carried out to detect symptoms.


Safety distance

Please restrict circulation through the center as much as possible and keep interpersonal distance.


Hand hygiene

We recommend washing your hands often with soap and water and we will ask you to use hydroalcoholic gel when you arrive.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Access of persons pending PCR

If you are waiting for the result of a PCR, either for yourself or a person in your family, you will not be able to access the hospital until you have the result of a negative PCR.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Punctuality in visits

Please be on time for your visit to avoid crowding in waiting rooms.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Contact with surfaces

As far as possible, we recommend avoiding contact with surfaces and furniture.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Access to the rehabilitation area

Companions will not be able to access the rehabilitation area during treatment. We kindly ask you to wait outside for your family member.

We guarantee biosecurity

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Intensification of cleaning

We intensify hygiene and cleaning measures in our centers.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Adaptation of treatment spaces

We guarantee your safety by adapting all care and treatment spaces.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Enabling common areas

We prepare common spaces to preserve social distance.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Regulation of the time of visits

We space the time between visits to favor preventive social distance.

Information COVID-19 Guttmann

Telematic assistance and telephone support

We have attention by videoconference or by telephone in the different services.

Neurorehabilitation program for postcovid sequelae

Institut Guttmann. Neurorehabilitation Hospital.

Early detection and treatment of sequelae after overcoming the acute phase of Covid-19

Programa de neurorrehabilitación
Detección precoz y tratamiento

Early detection and treatment of confinement sequelae


Guttmann Brain Heath Institute.

Personalized therapeutic program based on a complete assessment. 

Information and recommendations for

people with disabilities

General information

Reliable and secure information about COVID-19 and recommendations to prevent and cope with it.

Prevention, health and self-healing

Even at this time it is essential to maintain good healthy habits, both with respect to physical exercise and in other areas.

Exercises to do at home

Videos with exercises proposed by the rehabilitation professionals of the Institut Guttmann Foundation.

Managing emotions

Guide for managing emotions and stress in situations of crisis and uncertainty.

Behavioral disturbances

Family guide to help you identify and respond to behavioral disturbances.

Cognitive tasks during daily tasks

Proposals to incorporate stimulation and cognitive work everyday.